Sunday, January 8, 2012

Barcelona Day 1

our very first day in Barcelona and headed straight to a restaurant well known for its Paella and recommended by the hotel staff. turned out to be a restaurant run by indonesians! wtf was my first reaction and should have guessed from its name - Ca la Nuri! then again, it was really good, unlike some tourist's trap for Paella and the mussels were extremely fresh to go with 

 very fresh mussels - she loves it just because i love it =P hehe 

energetic after lunch - 8 litres of mineral water from 'nearby'  supermarket

famous Market off la Rambla - Mercat Boqueria 

not too pleased with just taking a photo with a sign =P lol

where i was bombed, thanks to this man and these dangerous creatures! 

hmmm... she was just focusing on this and this only

 always know what comes into the frame because it really does spoil a nice picture =P 
a little drunk after that bottle of white wine, a lot, actually

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